What to Anticipate From a Lawsuit Filed Against a Major Trucking Firm

You may not know what to expect from a claim against a large trucking company if this is your first time filing a claim with an insurance company following an automobile accident. No matter how severe your injuries are or how careless the truck driver is, the company will hire lawyers and claims adjusters who will fight to reduce their payout as much as possible.

The insurance adjusters will take advantage of your lack of knowledge and lack of patience. They will use any information you provide them to try to get out of paying you or to pay you less. They will try to claim that your injuries are not as severe as they seem if you delay seeking medical attention or give conflicting accounts of what happened. 

Contacting a skilled Nevada truck accident lawyer can help you take legal action following a truck accident and secure the compensation you need to restore your life as best as possible.

  • Inability to Communicate

The insurance industry is aware of how challenging it is for victims of vehicle accidents. There may be severe pain, loss of mobility, mounting medical bills, uncertainty about the future, a totaled car, and no way to make ends meet. In such cases, the trucking company’s insurer is likely to take legal action against you. 

It is typical for people to use delaying tactics, which might make you angry or impatient, especially if you are trying to pay off expensive medical expenses. Since you will have less time to settle the claim if the insurance company drags its feet, you’re more inclined to accept a lowball offer as the statute of limitations approaches.

  • Poorly Valued Compromise Offers

After an accident, it is normal practice to offer a compromise settlement. The adjuster will offer you a fraction of what your case is worth. Their objective is to minimize payouts rather than make a just one. 

  • Refusal to Discuss Terms

If you reject the insurance company’s low settlement offer, they are likely to stop talking to you, at least temporarily. Claims adjusters have been schooled in the finer points of bargaining and may appear to be unreasonable at first, but this is typically simply a ploy. In many cases, the best course of action is just to call the other party’s bluff and let them know that you can take them to court if they try to compromise.

  • Arguing About Who’s Responsible

The insurance company may try to place the blame for the accident on you rather than give a settlement. They could argue that you deserve the blame or that there isn’t enough proof to hold their client liable. 

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