5 Reasons Why Trainers Rarely Recommend Flexi Leashes

A retractable leash may not be necessary for your dog, but this type of lead is not recommended for urban environments. These retractable leads can cause distractions when you’re walking your dog, especially if you’re walking it down the street. These retractable leashes are also dangerous if you pull the dog too hard. This can lead to the leash breaking or the dog becoming loose.

Retractable leashes

Retractable leashes can cause anxiety in dogs and can result in panic attacks. Retractable leashes can also cause rope burn if you accidentally pull the handle of the leash. Retractable leashes are generally not suitable for young children and can be unsafe if you have a small dog. While a retractable collar will reduce your risk of an injury, a retractable leash is still not recommended for small dogs.

Comfortable for dog

The retractable feature of a Flexi leash makes them safer and more comfortable for your dog. A popular retractable leash features a soft, flexible cord that can be extended and retracted with a button on the handle. Retractable leashes are often safer than regular leashes, but they are still not recommended for small dogs. Some people are concerned about the safety of retractable leashes.

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