Artificial Intelligence’s Role in Cyber Security, a Foe or a Friend?

Debates regarding artificial intelligence are not new.However, artificial intelligence has recently started playing a role in cybersecurity. A huge number of enterprises are using artificial intelligence to fight against cybersecurity loopholes.

The combination of AI with cybersecurity has two schools of thought attached to it. To understand why people believe that AI and cybersecurity is a much-needed solution even though expensive, read below:

According to Capgemini’s Reinventing Cybersecurity 2019 report on Artificial Intelligence,more than 61% of enterprises believe that they cannot detect even single a breach attempt without the help of Artificial Intelligence.The report also stated that 48% of the enterprises claim that they will increase their budget for Artificial Intelligence for cybersecurity by around 29% by the end of 2020. bundlenews

The report conducted by Capgemini Research Institute interviewed almost 850 senior executives belonging to seven different industries such as retail, banking, products, automotive, utilities, telecom, and consumer products. As per the study, as digital businesses grow their chances of becoming a victim to cyber-attack increases. 21% of the respondents, said that their organization experienced a security breach in 2018. Most of the cybersecurity vulnerabilities led to unauthorized access to system networks. 20% of the effected companies reported losses of more than $50 million.

The key points of these reports were regarding the enterprises’ approach towards AI and its role in cybersecurity:

69% of the enterprises were affirmative that AI will help them respond to cyber-attacks better in the future. Out of this percentage, the telecommunication industries majorly were counting on AI for protection against cyber-attacks. Furthermore, the study concluded that the enterprises in the United States are focusing more on AI and its role in cybersecurity of organizations.

Why Organizations Depend on AI for Cyber Security?

While going through the research on cybersecurity we kept on questioning the dependence of these large enterprises on the comparably modern technology for security of their valuable assets and we found satisfactory answers to our question.

Nowadays biometric login has become a common thing. Almost every enterprise whether it is functioning on a higher or smaller scale has biometric login on its campuses. This is because biometric login such as scanning fingerprint, palms or retina is a safer and more reliable option in comparison with passwords. On many occasions, cybersecurity experts have emphasized the fact that passwords are extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks, which comprise employee or customer credit card information, personal information, and other security details. Therefore, biometric login is a beneficial contribution by AI for enterprise security.

Other than this, AI can be used for detecting complex malicious activities happening via an unreliable internet connection or unauthorized access to employees’ systems. It has been observed that enterprises that give less importance to the availability of secure internet connection are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Having a reliable and secure internet connection is not only a necessity for offices but it is essential for households as well.

If your company allows employees to work remotely, you need to know whether employees have a secure internet connection in their homes or not. Most employees working from home are least concerned about a company’s valuable data. Therefore, make sure your employees use a reliable internet connection like Cox Internetthat is secure and affordable. Cox Communication has amazing offers for Charlotte residents.

Having said this, the next step is to make sure your company’s technological infrastructure is closely connected with AI-based security systems. This is because AI helps in detecting and countering potential malicious activities beforehand. Viruses and malware that use complex algorithms are something every modern-day hacker and cyber criminal love. AI in such a situation help recognizes the threats via complex algorithms.

Many tech companies have enabled the use of AI in their security systems to help protect their valuable data before malicious malware and viruses enter their system networks.

Is AI a Burden More Than a Solution for Cyber Security Concerned Enterprises?

While AI is certainly doing a lot to help fight cyber crime, it also has another side to it.

The chief challenges connected with the role of Artificial Intelligence are regarding its cost.

The implementation of AI in cybersecurity for large and small enterprises is more expensive as compared to traditional solutions, such as using VPN or strong passwords for protection against malware.

The debates on the downsides of AI in cybersecurity revolves around its implementation in the system since framework upon which AI is built is expensive and probably not cost-effective for businesses with limited resources and revenue.


Artificial Intelligence has played a vital role in different industries be it educational or business. However, when it comes to speculating AI’s role in cybersecurity experts have two different views. We believe that it is best to balance both the positive and negative aspects of this useful technology because you simply cannot fight cybercriminal these days with simple security solutions.tunai4d

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