Break in Your Shoes With Your Hair Dryer

If you have new shoes, you may need to break them in. New shoes are uncomfortable and may not feel comfortable right away. To help break in your new shoes, you can use your hair dryer or a thick pair of cotton socks. First, stuff your feet into the shoe with thick cotton socks. Then, use the hair dryer to warm up the shoe. Then, walk around with the hot air, while wriggling your toes and bending your foot.

Next technique

put on a thick pair of athletic socks. Using a hair dryer will blow warm air into your new shoes. You can also stuff your feet into the shoes and then blow more hot air into them. You should try this technique for a couple of days until the shoes are completely cold. After this, you can remove the rubber bands and walk around in them until they are comfortably worn. Then, you can take off your socks and use the hair dryer to break in your new shoes.

Avoid damaging

the best fashion After breaking in your shoes, you can wear them right away. Wear socks, which will keep your feet warm. You can also try using your hair dryer to dry your shoes. However, be sure not to use too much heat on the leather. Make sure to let your new shoes air dry, rather than using a hair dryer. This will help avoid damaging your new shoes. So, you can wear them right away without worrying about blisters.

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