Difference Between Personal Injury And Bodily Injury

Legal cases involving the victims being injured have been increasing a lot. The victims have encountered severe injuries in an accident or at their workplaces. Dealing with these injuries can be challenging. However, not knowing what type of injury you are suffering from makes the more complicated. 

The victim suffering from any injury must seek legal aid from a Chicago personal injury lawyer to ensure they get compensated for the damages. The victim would bring more clarity about the difference between a personal injury and a bodily injury. Both types of cases have different legal standards that decide the liability. 

What is a personal injury case? 

A victim may have a valid personal injury case if one party is injured due to another party’s negligence. An individual injury case may be held right in the court if enough evidence is to back the victim’s claim. Everyone must ensure the safety of others by accounting for specific precautions. If they fail to do so, a personal injury case may occur. These cases usually occur when an entity fails to abide by its duty.

What losses are covered under a personal injury case? 

A personal injury case might give the victims a chance to recover from the losses by achieving compensation. Typically, a personal injury case would cover the following losses: 

  • Medical bills 
  • Mental distress or emotional trauma
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of consortium
  • Suffering and pain 
  • Wrongful death

What is a bodily injury case? 

A bodily injury case may include the damages done to the victim’s body after the accident. These injuries primarily include bruises, nerve damage, fractures, burns, etc. If a person has bodily insurance, they might be able to compensate the victim for the injuries. The insurance policy may cover and pay for the damages done to the other person. 

What losses are covered in a bodily injury case? 

A bodily injury case would cover the expenses for the damages.  Mainly, the insurance provider will compensate for the damages encountered by the other person or the victim. A bodily injury case could cover your injuries and the other person’s injuries. The coverage would include compensation for any damage faced by another person and the responsible party. 

What is the difference between personal injury and bodily injury? 

The significant difference between legal cases is the standard of liability and evidence. The primary is the nature of these cases. A bodily injury case may occur in a criminal court, while a personal injury case would be associated with civil court claims. 

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