Fighting Ageism in the Cancer Industry

As we age, we increasingly experience a feeling of inadequacy and vulnerability. We often feel that we are “out of the loop” and can no longer participate in our communities. This negative attitude can have a devastating effect on our health. However, many of us can actively fight against ageism in our daily lives. In addition to addressing ageism within our own communities, we can also work to eliminate the problem within our industry.

Ageism encompasses

Ageism is a major issue in today’s society and should be dealt with immediately. Despite its name, the term ageism encompasses a variety of experiences, from income to gender and geographic location to family status, immigration status, and citizenship. It is important to remember that ageism has a cumulative effect. For example, studies have shown that social workers spend less time with older cancer patients and that doctors are less patient and respectful of older cancer patients.

Ageism term

The term ageism is a legal term that is illegal in Belgium. It means that an older person is treated differently than a younger person. This discrimination is a violation of the Belgian Constitution and the Human Rights Act. The legislation also prohibits the promotion of ageism through political activity or economic activity. Moreover, ageism is illegal in any setting in which it is expressed, including in a public forum.

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