How Kratom Works and the Importance of High-Quality Strain

The herbal substance was gaining much attention due to its many health benefits and advantages. Kratom continues to become accessible in many areas, especially in the United States. 

Whether you are here as a first-time consumer or have been consuming kratom products or raw leaves alone for quite some time now, below is a list of beautiful things you might not know about kratom yet. 

Keep reading to acquire some new insights. 

What is Kratom?

From a tree native to the Southeast Asian part of the world, kratom, scientifically called Mitragyna speciosa, is a herbal plant that is also a part of the coffee family. That said, kratom leaves yield effects almost comparable to caffeine.

People commonly take kratom because of its medicinal benefits and effects. Although the popularity of the natural herb only seems to be emerging now, kratom was used even hundreds of years ago. 

In a traditional setting, people chewed on raw leaves or brewed them into tea to ease their pain and reduce fatigue. Some people also crush the leaves into powder and smoke it using their long tobacco pipe bintangplus4d

With the fields of chemistry and medicine gradually discovering the wonders of kratom, the medicinal leaves can now be consumed in many forms, such as capsules, tablets, liquid, resin, extracts, and other kratom products. 

Having convenience as their main selling point, manufacturers of kratom capsules brag about the small and compact size of their products, allowing the users to bring them anywhere they go. 

However, the buyer’s choice still lies with the consumer, whichever kratom product and the amount of kratom dosage they want to take in the leaves. Nonetheless, the substance is still marketed and sold in several forms, readily available for users. 

What Does Kratom Do to Your Body?

Mitragynine and 7–hydroxy mitragynine are the names of two of the most important chemicals that may be discovered in kratom leaves. 

The actions of these two chemicals on the opioid receptors in the brain are similar to those of sedatives and stimulants like caffeine or opioids, respectively, when they interact with one another.

According to studies, kratom can attach itself to the same areas of the brain that opioid analgesics like morphine and codeine do, producing an effect that is analogous to the alleviation of pain that these drugs provide.

Consequently, the primary effects of kratom are comparable to those of opioids and stimulants.

The stimulant effects of consuming kratom include having a significantly enhanced energy level, a more optimistic view of life owing to the potency of the plant, and an improved level of awareness due to the plant’s ability to raise one’s level of alertness murah4d.

On the other side, eating kratom may have sedative effects such as inducing feelings of relaxation and peace, a state of euphoria, and perhaps the most well-known of these benefits, relief from pain.

Is Kratom Safe?

To save you some time, let me give you the short answer, yes! Kratom is safe to take. Some doctors believe that kratom is safe even though it has not been recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

People who use kratom have a better lifestyle and a happier outlook. The said effect may be due to the opioid and stimulant-like impact of the medicinal herb. As mentioned above, kratom users may significantly boost their energy level, better concentration, alertness, focus, and pain relief. 

Even the US Food and Drug Administration isn’t outlawing kratom leaves, but they are still being studied for their chemical components. 

The main concern of the FDA is the risk of overdosing and becoming dependent on the leaf, which may be resolved by proper intake of correct kratom dosage. 

How Much Kratom Should You Take?

Taking the correct medicine dosage is essential when taking any medication or medicinal drug, with or without a prescription. Knowing how much kratom to use will determine the extent of the effects you will get from the leaves. 

Kratom recommended dose mainly relies on the type of strain you are taking, your weight, and your body’s tolerance to the medicinal plant. 

You should find your ideal kratom dose with the help of the given kratom dosage chart by weight explained below.

Kratom Dosing Chart

Very Low Dose Type (1 gram or less)

For first-time users or micro-consumers, taking in 1 gram or less of kratom products or leaves is recommended. The effect of this kratom dose is known to be quite subtle in terms of stimulating and boosting your mood.

Low or Mild Dose Type (1 to 2 grams)

Users who are considered newbies and at the beginning of their kratom journey, those with old age or anyone with low tolerance to kratom are recommended to take 1 to 2 grams of kratom products. 

Compared to the deficient dose type, this kratom dose has an overall positive mood effect on a person and improved productivity. There may also be a more noticeable simulation compared to the previous amount.

Moderate Dose Type (2 to 4 grams)

For users with less tolerance, this kratom dose is recommended. The amount is known to increase a person’s sociability and talkativeness, perfect for those who want to be social butterflies.

Potent Dose Type (4 to 6 grams)

Regular kratom users or people who find it hard to sleep may opt for this kratom dose. Aside from helping the user feel calm and relaxed, this kratom dose is also an excellent tool for anti-inflammatory.

Very Potent Dose Type (6 to 8 grams)

For those who have quite an experience with kratom, this kratom dose may be for you. However, if you are old and feel weak, you may want to choose the previous options. This type of kratom dose has highly sedative and pain-killing solid effects.


Consuming kratom should not harm a person if taken at the correct dosage. 

Considering that the main effects of taking kratom are to relieve pain and feel a relaxing sensation, you should not feel frustrated and sick while on your kratom journey. 

Knowing and thoroughly understanding how it works is a must if you plan to venture on your kratom journey. Remember always to observe what your body needs and can tolerate. 

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