How liquor companies use QR codes for packaging

QR codes’ popularity, ease of use, versatility, and benefits have reached liquor companies!

Be it beer, whiskey, or wine QR code, liquor companies use the technology to improve their operations, streamline delivery processes, and inform customers about the product.

With as simple as a QR code for packaging, placed on the packaging, companies can store information that can unpack inventory details, brewing process, list of ingredients, alcohol content, possible allergens, and more.

The great thing is that the best QR code generator has made it so much easier to generate QR codes for liquors with features to create QR codes for PDF, video campaigns, images, geolocation, and more.

Here are how liquor companies use QR codes in their packaging.

Guinness: QR codes for campaigns

The market for liquors is constantly growing, with an expected growth of 3.5% from 2020 to 2023.

A growing industry means tough competition, making it very important for liquor companies to innovate, create gimmicks, and offer unique strategies to customers.

The Irish dry stout, Guinness, developed a beer cup with a QR code to boost its social media presence and improve its promotional content.

For a more creative execution, the QR code was only scannable when filling the cup!

Scanning the QR code allows customers to post updates on social media, check out the brand’s promotions, and collect exclusive coupons.

The campaign was a great strategy to engage with customers through an interactive campaign and consequently ensure they consume their product by filling the cup before scanning.

Absolut Vodka: QR codes for responsible drinking guides

Alcoholic beverages are often a gateway to a good time, creating meaningful conversations and memories that last a lifetime.

However, irresponsible drinking practices often lead to the opposite — making people sick, sparking fights, and inciting violence Magazinefacts.

Absolut Vodka knows the consequences of irresponsible drinking practices; that’s why they used a QR code in the packaging to remind customers to practice responsible drinking.

Aside from responsible drinking measures, the QR code also showed the list of ingredients, nutritional facts, and facts about the brand.

As the manufacturer of Absolut Vodka, Pernod Ricard aims to roll out QR codes for responsible drinking guides across all its brands, including Jameson, Chivas, Brancott, Perrier-Jouët, and more.

Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosé: QR codes for personalized messages

Wines are a great gift to loved ones, friends, and family on special occasions and holidays.

In some cultures, it’s etiquette to bring a bottle of wine as a visitor when guests invite you to a dinner party in their homes Fashionworldnow.

Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosé has found a way to elevate the gift-giving experience by letting gift-givers create a personalized message through the QR code on the packaging.

By working with Cellr, the brand created a platform to prompt customers to create a personalized message and select from its six limited edition hoods: Bestie, Party, Friyay, Thanks, Love, and Brunch.

What’s great about the brand’s QR code for personalized messages is that it allows customers to add photos and videos.

This strategy creates an ultimate gift-giving measure that is much more pleasurable to the gift receiver Fashioncolthing.

Improve your alcoholic beverages with a QR code for packaging

The great thing about QR codes for packaging is that it’s not limited to printing in the bottle!

The secondary packaging, usually a box with the bottle, can also include a QR code for prices, campaigns, ingredient lists, and more.

Moreover, the tertiary packaging, where these boxes are contained in a bigger box for shipping purposes, can include the following:

  • An inventory tracking number
  • Allowing staff to track the parcel’s geolocation
  • Delivery times
  • Missing items.

QR codes on the packaging of alcoholic beverages have benefitted the most prominent companies, and you can benefit from them, too Fashionslog!

Generate a QR code on the packaging of alcoholic beverages using a platform with features for customization, tracking, integration to marketing tools, and more.

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