How to Find the Right Advisers for Your Challenges

Advising others is a common practice, and often the best advice will come from those whom you trust. However, this is not always possible, and time and effort must be devoted to finding the right people to provide this advice. Consequently, you should build a personal “board” of advisers from a variety of backgrounds, strengths, and points of view. This board should be composed of those with whom you feel comfortable discussing your challenges and who you know have a good reputation.


Advisers should always seek to gather information from the seekers. They should be able to create a better picture of the problem before giving advice. If the advisers don’t know the problem well enough, they will often over-simplify the problem by drawing comparisons with past challenges. Similarly, they may overlook the fact that their clients are self-interested and will only take partial or biased accounts at face value. Therefore, the most effective advice should be based on the information that the advisor has acquired.

Clumsy and prone

Advisers should be able to communicate in a language that the clients understand. Many advisers are unable to communicate their advice with the same depth of understanding as the people who are seeking the advice. They may be too clumsy and prone to using jargon to explain what they are trying to say. Alternatively, they may overwhelm the seeker by presenting too many ideas, perspectives, and interpretations of problems.

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