how to improve articulation

When children struggle to pronounce their words, the result is a lack of articulation. This prevents them from being able to communicate clearly and may lead to behavioural problems. A clear and resonant speech pattern is essential for the development of language and social skills. Even if a child has a poor articulation pattern, they can still learn to process their words and form meaningful sentences. However, to improve articulation, a child must continue to work at it, even when it feels like it’s impossible.


There are several different types of articulation, including staccato, marcato, and lisp. As with any other type of articulation, however, the definition can vary. Course articulation, for example, is the development of formal written agreements that identify the appropriate courses on a receiving campus. By developing this type of agreement, it is possible to ensure that a student will take the correct course at the receiving campus, ensuring that he or she will obtain the proper preparation and outcomes.

Process of producing a sound

Articulation is the process of producing a sound. It involves the coordinated movements of parts of the mouth, including the teeth, the palate, and the lungs. It is a complicated process and requires sustained effort. As the result, it’s important to develop articulation early in a child’s development. It also helps children learn to read and spell words. In addition to improving their language skills, articulation also enhances their social skills and literacy.

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