How to keep carpets clean

Your flooring will be permanently damaged if it is not treated for dirt and stains. These tips will help keep your carpets clean and make your home appear cleaner.

A dirty carpet is the most visible surface in your home and can cause a mess. Even worse, when someone walks on a dirt floor, their footprints kick up dust which settles on your furniture.

You don’t need to vacuum your carpets every day. These tips will prevent most dirt from getting into your home, which will protect your floors and your furniture.

How to keep carpets clean

1.  Use the “No Shoes” rule

You don’t have to ask visitors to take off their shoes when they enter your home. You have the right to ban shoes from your home. Shoes can trap dirt, germs, toxins and harmful bacteria. Visitors are often expected to remove shoes from their homes in some areas, especially those that have red clay soil.

You will likely find that guests won’t like to wear shoes in your house if you don’t. Keep some slippers on hand for those guests who don’t want to wear socks. These “disposable” slippers can be used as dog toys or for my guests.

2.  Spills should be treated immediately

Carpet stains are more difficult to remove if they remain on the carpet for too long. Stains can bond to carpet fibres over time and you will have to live with them until your budget allows for new flooring.

Most spillages can be cleaned by immediately wiping them with a dry towel. Use a warm, soapy solution to wash the rag and then press the area with a towel. Once the area is dry, use a clean cloth to blot it and then vacuum it.

Sometimes hiring a professional carpet cleaning business locally can be the best option for cleaning pet stains off carpets. They use tried and tested methods for getting rid of stains and also have experience and training to get the job done fast.

3.  Place mats on all exterior doors

You can reduce dirt buildup by placing mats on every exterior door. You can even make it easier by placing them on both the front and back of your door. Dirty mats don’t serve any purpose, so sweep or shake them outside every few days.

4.  Entertain Outdoors

Inviting friends and neighbours over often means extra clean-up after they leave. But, you can reduce that by having your events outdoors if it’s sunny. You can keep plenty of snacks and drinks on your patio or deck. You’ll also be appreciated by your guests knowing where to find it.

5.  Vacuum often and well

Your vacuum is your best friend in maintaining carpets clean. You must learn how to vacuum correctly so that you remove all dirt and grime. Then, use your vacuum wall-to-wall at a minimum once per week. You can also vacuum high-traffic areas once a week, or let a robot do it.

Carpet Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

Make sure to inspect your floors regularly. You should inspect your floors often. Even cats and dogs who have been trained to use litter boxes can make mistakes.

Two times a week, brush your pet. Brushing your pet twice a week will help remove any excess hair that may have gotten on the floor. To catch hair, you can either brush outside or place a towel on your lap. Make sure to wash your pets as well. (Yes, even your cat.)

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