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Japanese food is taking over every day the CIS catering businesses because it’s fast healthy, delicious and trendy. A light, healthy and not too calorific food that is a traditional Oriental “decoration” allows you to be a powerful Samurai for at least one minute.

A growing number of establishments are open to offering Japanese meals. Particularly popular is sushi, which is a delicious and healthy choice for snacks. What is it that draws people to these establishments? Naturally, from the very first moment you are attracted on your brand’s logo.

Is a logo a symbol?

A logo is a visual that embodies the essence of your business , and also tells potential the customers a bit more about who you are. This logo is the key element that helps the customer and establishment feel connected.

A logo for a sushi restaurant must reflect the particulars of the business, and also draw the interest to potential clients. Thus, it is essential to pay attention to more than the logo’s information but also its aesthetics.

The logos for Japanese food establishments include images of sushi rolls or eating sticks. To emphasize the Asian culture, it’s recommended to use Japanese characters such as samurai, sakura, or samura on the logo.

Let’s discover using Turbologo how to create an image for a sushi shop and also learn some helpful tips.

How do you create an identity?

The Logo is by Jano Kobalia

The process of creating a logo is an intricate and creative procedure, which is why it’s important to pay attention to numerous specifics. Let’s look at each.

General advice

In the sushi bar’s logos typically, in the middle of the menu is a roll. This isn’t exactly conventional, but is remains a very popular food item. Japanese symbols, characters like sakura flower sticks, samurai or even sakura flowers appear original.

Selection of elements

Sushi bar logos shouldn’t include sharp lines and sharp angles. Shapes and smooth strokes are preferentially used.

Try to avoid the excessive amount of content. It is best to concentrate on just a couple of images, and your name as an organization. It is also essential to take into consideration the compatibility of each elements in the logo.

Japanese art is known for its minimalism. This is the reason the reason why it is recommended to follow this design when choosing a logo.

Institutions that decorate their logos of oriental foods, must recognize that food cannot accept sharp or sharp lines. Furthermore the label shouldn’t be applied to all elements of a row – it should be in harmony. The Japanese are a proponent of minimalism and with the logo, this idea will prove useful.

What colors should you choose?

Decorate the bar’s logo with sushi is not a good idea. Beware of bright colors that can distract from the subtle colors of the food itself. The combination of white, red or black, sometimes even green are popular in this particular niche. But the tones need to be in a muted way. Great work on the emblems that represent Sushi House, Sushi Town, Hanzo.


Fonts aren’t less significant elements, since a less attractive version of the letters just not going to attract the attention of those who love sushi, but it could make them turn away from your business . Think about it. Big and vibrant colors for the eyes of the patron are perfect, they create memories and appetites, therefore they can help promote your products on the market.

Be careful when working on your primary image

An unprofessional or poorly-designed logo for a sushi or restaurant cafe could turn off prospective customers. Very few daredevils will eat in a restaurant that is labeled “pigsty” or “barnyard.” The logo should be encouraging, “introduce” the customer to the establishment, express its style and personality, and send an initial indication of what to expect when you choose to dine out.

For instance 73% of pizza places have an empathetic chef and a pizza on their logo. Mexican food usually has pinatas, sombreros or peppers as well as shushi bars that always are connected to seafood and the tasty meat. How do you make your cafe or restaurant’s logo stand out from other logos?

It’s as simple as entrusting the design of your logo to a professional business. The experts will transform your idea into a professional, original and distinctive design that can draw in crowds of hungry clients. If you’ve decided to go it alone, you should read

Tips for development

Logo created by IIsixo_O

Making a logo is an important and thrilling moment in the life of a company as there are a lot of things to think about when making one including researching competitors, picking colors as well as fonts, shapes and shapes. We surveyed 16 branding specialists for suggestions to help you design an impressive logo for your business. Learn more and get in the mood!

  • Simple is best.

The designer who designed the famous bird design for Twitter once said to me that his biggest secret was “One logo, one idea.” I like this approach because it helps you keep your focus on what’s important and don’t get bogged down in the design.

The most successful companies of today are those that follow the idea of simple solutions. this is evident by their emblems.

  • A logo isn’t a puzzle

My best tip for you is that the logo should not be complex and confusing to read.

Sometimes , business owners opt for complex, intricate logos with lots of tiny details. When these logos are used in ads on tiny smartphone displays or business cards the details are confused into an unorganized mess. A logo like this makes no sense whatsoever.

Consider the case of big known companies The logos of these companies are written in crisp, printed letters that are simple and bright colors. They look fantastic regardless of the form they’re in and make it easy for customers to recall them.

  • Color

Color is among the most effective methods to make your brand stand apart and help make your company more noticeable. By choosing the correct color design that you competition don’t have and you’ll be able to effortlessly attract attention to yourself.

The study of your competitors can aid in deciding on the right font. It is possible to pick one that isn’t boring, and it will make you stand out from other businesses. Make sure that the font you select is compatible with the design of your company. Don’t make unusual combinations solely to be unique.

  • A few less beautiful curlicues

Beware of the temptation to apply every fancy style techniques all at all at once. Many talented artists don’t have the time to rest adding more details to logos such as embossing, glow, shadows and gradients in one go.

Be aware that, typically the most basic logos are the most effective. Remove the prettiest shrouds so that your brand can clearly convey an essence that is unique to your company. Accept it as a fact: the less complicated the style, the easier it is to recall.

  • Avoid fonts that are standard

My opinion is that the most important aspect of creating a logo is to make use of fonts that are commonplace.

The majority of artists will understand this, however it can be difficult to convince the business owner to make this happen. Unique lettering on your logo is an easy method to make your logo appear professional.

  • Study your competition

Always verify your competitor’s the branding of their company, their mistakes can help you design an attractive and accurate logo, and also save money.


Be sure to follow the guidelines for the design and layout of the sushi bar and you’ll surely be successful. Do not overlook a tiny but vital element like the logo. A well-designed logo which will boost revenue and help make your business well-known.

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