Nose Filler Questions with surgery

If I have had injections but I want to have rhinoplasty, will the writer be able to do it?

A : Yes, but we have to come to an agreement as follows: 1. If the nose still has fillers and the writer can’t speak The writer will try to make the surgery less prominent than usual. Because during rhinoplasty, the filler will swell up from the anesthetic. 

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After the surgery, it will be very swollen and collapse more slowly than normal people. not injected because fillers will inflate from swelling of the tissue after surgery During this time, you need to be mindful and calm. Do not press or squeeze your nose. Because now the silicone augmented nose is not attached to the skull of the face. You don’t need to touch it, absolutely.

  1. When the nose has fully collapsed, the filler has started to dry. The resulting nose may be less prominent than the requirement because, as I said, The doctor has to be very careful in the surgery so that the back of the nose is not too prominent.

   As in the case of a patient who consulted the writer that he had to inject it before, followed by a nose that was too prominent. The doctor who performed rhinoplasty said that it was very high because of the filler. Wait 6 months, it will collapse on its own. (The patient said that he had waited 6 months to come in for the surgery and thought it was gone. Let’s do it now. What should I do now?) I will make my nose look too prominent for 6 months. Oh….half a year. Who will agree?

So the patient returned to the clinic where fillers were injected. The author who injected it said, “It’s not difficult, the filler is already heated and dissipated.” Then put some IPL, some RF, and put it on the bridge of the nose that looks very prominent. The patient was relieved to think that it had already collapsed. I’m really relieved, but when I get home, I look in the mirror, oh! Hoy! Why is the nose red from the bridge of the nose to the tip of the nose? After a while, I noticed that there was a burning mark on the skin on the bridge of my nose! (Why is that? It’s because this patient’s nose doesn’t have fillers. But there is also a silicone implant for the nose. and this silicone is the one that absorbs the heat from the IPL machine and causes burns on the skin around the nose bridge)

Actually, there are many stories from filler injections. There are both news and upcoming news. As I said Let the stories that are not news become news before the writers come to write again.

   – IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light. It is a tool that emits light with different wavelengths to treat red spots, black spots or stimulate collagen production. It is a tool used to correct dark spots, minor redness in some clinics. It’s called a clear face laser, but actually IPL is not a laser machine.

RF, short for Radio Frequency, is an instrument that emits a weak electric current. in a waveform in the high radio frequency range causing heat under the skin to stimulate Collagen production in the normal epidermis layer. RF is used for tightening the face, making the face tight, both instruments generate heat under the skin. This causes the water component of the filler to be reduced or lost. (but the outline of the filler remains but make the filler have reduced shape The user will think that the filler has collapsed)

“Filler” the truth that no doctor wants to say?

After knowing the minor complications of filler injections Now let’s get to know fillers and their side effects. of fillers, the more the better Even now, there are various leading clinics. Bring a lot of cheap fillers from abroad to use. Therefore, before the various clinics To persuade us to inject anything into our face, we should know these substances well first.

Filler (Filler) is used to fill deep grooves or wrinkles such as cheek grooves, nasolabial folds, tear lines, or can be used as a lip injection to fix the lips alone (Kissing Line), but the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) has banned it. Rhinoplasty and chin augmentation injections are for easy understanding. The writer would like to share the filler group for the patient to know as follows. (because now there are new words that patients who have had a nose injected with fillers come to ask) after having started using Dermal Filler to fill in the face for more than 10 years both in Thailand and abroad A new vocabulary has emerged with the word filler, namely Permanent and Semi-Permanent (from what I used to say. Fillers will dissipate for 3 months, some 6 months, 1 year and 2-5 years respectively). Actually, fillers are divided into 3 large groups as follows:

  1. Temporary fillers (Temporary Dermal Filler) including Zyderm and Zyplast, this one is considered real collagen. But it is synthesized from cows, so before injecting it must be tested first. People who are allergic to synthetic products made from cows, if they are injected with these substances, can be allergic and die. Those who are not allergic can inject it.

Zyderm I and Zyderm || are no longer popular. Since it is a biodegradable filler and has to be tested before use, the injection process is quite difficult.

  1. Semi-permanent filler (Semi-Permanent Dermal Filler) injected, added, injected and added, but it doesn’t say that it is a biodegradable filler) i.e. Restylane, Hydrafill, Hylaform was Juvenderm

These are synthetic hyaluronic acid (HA) produced by fermentation. of a pathogen named Streptococcus (Bacteria Fermentation of Streptococcus). with Clostridium Botulinum bacteria used to produce Botox

Both streptococcus bacteria There are many types of costidium and manufacturers will select only safe bacteria to cultivate on-site. Sterilized and extracted the desired substance. which each of the brands mentioned above The tree always presents itself as better than that one. This one, the larger molecule, doesn’t spread as far.

  1. Permanent fillers (Permanent Dermal Filler – one injection lasts a lifetime) such as Artecoll, Artefill, Aquamid and Radiesse.

   These are synthetics we’re totally stumped by, like Artecoll or Artefill, it’s polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), you know what it is? If you can’t read it, read the last spelling. Is the word Acry-late similar to Acrylic?

Aquamid is a polyacrylamide. (If these substances are injected, it is guaranteed to be on the face like the statue set. Sunbathing, round eyes, can still endure)

For Radiesse, it is Calcium Hydroxylapatide, or a substance that is a constituent of bones and teeth.

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