On Degiro, what can you trade?

Customers of DEGIRO have access to 50 exchanges in 30 different nations. The following market items can be traded on its platform: –


The platform offers stock trading on various European exchanges, where market orders are routed using either “Direct to Market” or the “Morgan Stanley Smart Order Router.” For trading shares, a variety of order types are available, including day orders, GTC orders, limit orders, market orders, stop loss orders, and stop-limit orders. The trailing stop order, however, is only accessible for the Xetra & Frankfurt exchanges. Degiro allows trading of penny stocks if the exchange where they are listed is supported. Additionally, DEGIRO automatically updates your cash holdings to reflect dividends paid on investment assets.


In addition to facilitating trading in ETFs on European markets, it also does so on the Singapore Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. ETF trading includes all order types that are accessible for stock trading.


It offers bond trading on European exchanges via the “Direct to Market” approach with all available order types.

Trading option

Are offered by DEGIRO on international markets including Eurex, CME, MEFF, etc. Option orders can be placed using any order type, excluding stop loss and stop limit orders.


DEGIRO provides futures trading on exchanges like IDEM, NASDAQ OMX Nordic-Helsinki, Eurex, and others via the “Direct to Market” method. Like options, futures trading does not provide order types like stop loss & stop limit.

Leveraged Products

It offers trading in leveraged products on exchanges like Euronext Access Paris, Xetra, & Börse Frankfurt via the “Direct-to-Market” method. These goods can only be traded using market, limit, and day orders.

DEGIRO does not allow for investment in other asset classes like CFDs, FX, or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Only ETFs that invest in these types of assets can, at most, be traded there.

Opening an Account

DEGIRO offers several account kinds, including custody, basic, trader, active, and day trader accounts, each with a different set of features and services. Derivatives like futures and options, short selling, and leveraged trading, for instance, are not available for custody & basic accounts.

The steps below must be followed to open a DEGIRO account:

  • The website’s “Open an account” button.
  • Select a username and password, then enter your email address.
  • Once the email account has been verified, provide personal details.
  • Add the bank account to make sure the data is accurate.
  • Upload a passport or ID card as confirmation of your identification.

You can finally transfer a sum as low as €/£0.01 to activate your DEGIRO account after your application has been reviewed. It is one of the best paper trading app.

Bank transfers and, in some situations, e-wallets like Trustly and Sofort, are two ways to deposit money. Additionally, withdrawals may be made straight to the associated bank account. Deposits and withdrawals on DEGIRO are free of charge.

How to Invest on Degiro

DEGIRO offers trading in a variety of assets and market goods. For instance, if you wish to trade stocks, you should take the following actions.

  • Search for the stock on the home screen’s search bar after logging into your account.
  • The stock graph, technical analysis, volume, and pricing information are displayed on the overview page.
  • The order window will then open after you click the “Buy” button.
  • Place the order by entering the order type, price, quantity, and term.
  • When you click “confirm the order,” the order is sent to the exchange and the order confirmation screen appears.

The executed order will be reflected on the most recent transactions, while the pending order will show up in the list of outstanding orders. The purchased equities will also show up in the portfolio stylesrant tab.

Customer Support for Degiro

Amazingly, Degiro’s customer service representatives may be accessible in a wide variety of languages, and you can call them for pertinent information. However, live chat is not an option, even though email & phone assistance are offered.


DEGIRO provides the ability to trade across many exchanges in a variety of market products, making it the most affordable solution. Its trading interface is simple to use and easy to navigate. But DEGIRO does not offer CFDs, FX, or cryptocurrency. You can compare the DEGIRO trading broker’s operations to those of other brokerage trading companies.