Smart Home Gadgets: Reasons Why You Need Them

We all have been victims of buying useless gadgets that look cool in the store but end up in the junkyard of our house. On the other hand, there are some useful smart home gadgets out there that should be made part of our home for the reasons stated below but our inadequate knowledge on the topic could not compel us to do so. Therefore, in this write up we have addressed all the points as to why you need to make your home smarter with smart home gadgets in 2020.

With continuous technological advancement, making your home smart has become necessary for smarter living. When everything around us has become smart, from television to phones, having a smart home is more than a luxury. Apart from owning a home that is worth looking in every way, smart home gadgets are beneficial for the following ways:

Home Security

The first and foremost benefit of having a home equipped with smart home gadgets ishaving established a good security system. Home is a place where oneshould feel safe. However nowadays, with growing street crimes and stalking, even our homes require an extra layer of security to protect our loved ones from unfortunate incidents.

One of the best inventions in smart home gadgets are Wi-Fi security cameras. By connecting the security cameras in your home to your Windstream internet, you can monitor the happening in your home on your mobile devices all the time. By having this security option you can have a tension-free journey away from your home.

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Another smart home security tool is the smart door locks. These door locks let you unlock and lock your door only by using your smartphone. Other ways to access smart door locks are a special key fob or biometric. These high-security doorknobs are difficult to break into which eventually makes your home a lot safer.

Controlled Financial Expenses

Home is where most of your expenses emerge. From utility bills to minor dysfunction of appliances, everything at home demands money and maintenance. By having a smart home accompany smart home gadgets, you can have control over your financial expenses.

It has been observed that one of the main reasons for high electricity bill is unnecessary usage of home lighting. We all are charged guilty for not switching off the lights when coming out of our rooms or bathroom. Smart lighting should be in our home that controls the lighting of your house through a remote. By having assistance through a remote device you can decide which lights should remain on and which should be turned off. Moreover, these smart lighting gadgets are energy efficient; therefore, they help in reducing your monthly energy bills.

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Life Security

While you have equipped needed security appliances to protect your home from thieves and stalkers, what have you done for the inside home security?

According to a 2019 report on Smoke Alarms in US Home Fires by NFPA, three of every five home fire deaths occurred because of a lack of smoke alarm in houses or because of having smoke alarms that were not working. This shows how important it is to equip your house with required smart home gadgets to save lives during unfortunate situations like a house fire.

By having a smart fire alarm system at your home, you can ensure the increased life safety of your and your loved ones in your home.

Another live security system is Canary. The home security systems automatically contact the emergencyservices in case of unusual happening in your homes such as a break-in or house fire. This smart home security system is beneficial for those who are away from their home and want to keep a check on their family in case anything unusual happens.

The Comfort

Believe it or not, but smart home gadgets make your life comfortable. No matter how big or small your house is it still requires constant maintenance and lookimg after. However, after having smart home gadgets to make your house a smart home you might end up reducing your loads of work.

For instance, smart kitchen tools such a smart coffee maker that does not require human assistance to make and pour a cup of coffee or a smart pan that tells you exactly when to flip the omelet are some of the smart kitchen tools everyone needs in their home.

This comfort not only makes you appreciate the technological inventions but also gives you extra “me time.”


Nothing can replace the comfort of being in your home after a restless day. However, having types of equipment that require constant maintenance and expenses gives more headaches than rest. Therefore, we have summed up some of the handiest smart home appliances such as smart home kitchen tools, smart home security tools, smart door locks and more for your comfort.

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