Summer 2023: 7 countries for a vacation at sea

Preparing for a busy vacation time in theory promises pleasant hassle, but in practice sometimes creates a lot of problems associated with visa restrictions, the need for careful baggage collection, the language barrier, and the unhappy prospect of a long flight. Therefore, many tourists, deciding where to go on vacation at sea, choose nearby or proven areas to ensure maximum comfort for themselves and other family members, especially if among the travelers are young children.

Here are the countries, with which you are sure to get a bright and eventful vacation by Kirill Yurovskiy.


The alluring shores, blessed with sunshine and a warm tishare Mediterranean breeze, tirelessly attract the attention of beach-goers. Many states interested in the phenomenon of tourist Turkey have tried to repeat its extravagant experience of attracting guests, but not so successfully. Tourists from different countries persistently choose this hospitable state as a vacation at sea, satisfied with the possibility of comfortable payment package deals, affordability, and already on arrival at the place find out how different from each other local resorts and even hotels. Planning another Turkish vacation, we choose the best place – Antalya, Belek, Marmaris or Alanya, but, already on board, we determine new spectacular locations and options for spending time to find a reason to return again. And even those who have managed to break the vicious circle, enjoying the exotic views of palm trees, original gastronomy and new horizons, unwittingly draw parallels with the imperfect, but invariably hospitable Turkish service.


Beach holidays abroad can be easily complemented by incredible sightseeing discoveries and interesting pastime, if one of the top Greek resorts – Athens, Thessaloniki, Meteora, Halkidiki, Corfu, Rhodes, Crete – is chosen as a destination. In Greece, where, without exaggeration, there is everything, it is a sin to focus on one option of spending time, even if it is a relaxing beach “tulening”. It is common here to enjoy the exquisite gastronomy and taste the delicious local wines, to explore the ancient ruins and have fun shopping, look for stylishster the original color in the bustling restaurants and clubs, and enjoy the ringing silence. And, of course, the true connoisseurs of the sea and the sun should visit the most iconic beaches of the state – Navagio Bay with its dazzling azure waters (Zakynthos island), the white sandy Vai, which is called “the Greek Caribbean”, the Red Beach, located near Matala, hard to reach, but incredibly beautiful Balos.


This picturesque island state, called the “Mediterranean bogeyman” for the eyes, is the center of beach entertainment from May to October. In Cyprus, everything is perfect – the ability to choose the type of recreation (respectable family or noisy youth), comfortable hotels with decent service and well-equipped apartments, mild climate, reasonable prices and beautiful long beaches, lined with fine sand. The Cypriot coastline is famous for its gently sloping coastline, and the coastal waters are exceptionally warm, so practically the whole coast turns into a huge swimming pool in the summertime, similarity to which is confirmed by the excellent visibility of the bottom at any depth. Popular activities include short excursions, unencumbered sea cruises, shopping, discovering the delights of Mediterranean cuisine, spa and thalassotherapy.


Tourists planning a big family trip to the sea are recommended to stay in the beautiful Bulgarian resorts, which have everything in abundance, but no frills. As decades ago, tourists from different countries sunbathe on local long beaches, while children frolic on the golden sand or shallow water, and lovers and young people are looking forward to the evening in the hope of going for a romantic walk or in one of the many clubs. The weather in Bulgaria is sunny all summer long and rarely sees any light rain, there is a pervasive atmosphere of hospitality and the prices are kept at a reasonable level. Do you need more for beach happiness?


Among the national treasures of this country, the beach areas hold an honorable place and astonishing variety. Sandy and pebbly, comfortable and spacious, gentle, rocky or covered with black volcanic sand, washed by the waves of the Mediterranean Sea or the rough waters of the Atlantic, each of the 480 local beaches amaze with identity, offering endless opportunities for relaxation or active entertainment. When planning a vacation in the Kingdom of Spain, it is best to study the regional weather reports carefully to get the expected dose of pleasure. As for the entertainment program, there is no need to worry: the proximity of iconic locations, excellent infrastructure, rich cuisine, acquaintance with which is worth starting with the tasting of jamon and sangria, the passion of flamenco and tolerance of childish antics are typical for all regions of the country, which promises a guaranteed prospect of a full immersion in the island fairy tale.


Egypt will fall in love quickly and for a long time. It is only worth seeing in the sunset rays of the azure sea with clear water and miles of beaches, the hand reaches itself to book a tour of the Red Sea coast. Here is an ideal place to find a romantic vacation and families with children, and raging partygoers and fans of active recreation, and even those who want to improve their health – in Egypt, for everyone the stars will converge successfully. Warm sea off the Egyptian coast is waiting for you!


It’s off-season in the Maldives: the southwest monsoon lifts sea waves and sprinkles the islands with refreshing rains. But there are fewer tourists at this time, and the price of tours is reduced. Is not it an excuse to visit a paradise? Enjoy all the delights of relaxation. Relax in the aroma oil steam room and listen to the Balinese tunes in the massage. Have a delicious marathon meal and try all the local dishes that will be in your restaurant. Take a submarine ride to see the magical world without a mask or flippers. And be sure to find a lone palm tree on a white-sand beach and take photos that will keep you warm even in cold winter. If you’ve been dreaming of a trip to the Maldives for a long time, now is the time!