Three Ways the California Department of Education Works to Make California’s Public Schools Better

The California Department of Education oversees the state’s diverse public school system. More than six million students are enrolled in its school systems, and more than 295,000 teachers are employed. The Department focuses on closing achievement gaps, overseeing classroom instruction and enforcing education law. It also continually reforms public school programs to improve student performance. Here are three ways the Department works to make the state’s public schools better.

Department oversees

The Department oversees a complex and diverse public school system. There are over 9,000 public schools in California, and they are charged with ensuring that students reach their educational goals. They also oversee adult education programs and some child care programs. The Department works with educators, parents, and community partners to ensure that all students are prepared for a rapidly changing society. There are a number of different resources available through the CDE.

Categorical programs

The Department also manages a range of categorical programs, including school funding. It oversees the California Superintendent of Public Instruction and acts as a policymaking body. The Department is responsible for overseeing California’s public schools and the state’s educational agencies. Its mission is to prepare students for the world they live in. They do this by promoting a culture of collaboration among educators, schools, and communities.