Unleashing the Power of the Sun: Advancements in Nuclear Fusion Reactions

Nuclear fusion reaction Nucleus is a process in which two or more nuclei combine to form a larger nucleus. along with giving out excess energy Natural nuclear fusion reactions are those that occur in the sun and stars.

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Energy is essential to the economy. and the lives of people around the world It is a factor that makes the world move forward quickly. And humans have an ever-increasing need for energy. While fossil energy, which is an important energy source, is also steadily decreasing as well As such, the world will surely face an energy shortage.

Due to various activities in human life, energy. The universal energy source of people today is electric energy because electric energy can be converted into all kinds of other types of energy that you want. But the main source of electrical energy today is thermal energy. The main source of heat used for electricity generation in the world today is fossil fuels. but fossil fuels It caused a lot of problems as it is commonly known. and is about to disappear from the world. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a new type of energy supply to replace it. The renewable energy to be discussed here is nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy is extremely efficient. Nuclear fuel coal is equal to coal. It will provide more heat than coal, hundreds of thousands of times. We can see the potential of nuclear energy from just 2 nuclear bombs, allowing Japan to surrender the war. And the two nuclear bombs mentioned above also damaged the facility. and the life of a large number of Japanese people

In the post-war period, there was an invention to bring thermal energy from nuclear energy to use in thermal power plants. Because in a nuclear reaction, a huge amount of heat energy is released. Finally, nuclear reactors can be built that can extract heat from nuclear reactions for use in electricity.

Energy shortage is not a big problem. Because there is another very large power source ready to work. But the bigger problem is the general public opposition. and problems against the availability of nuclear power Because our world still has another large and highly potential fuel source. is nuclear fuel This nuclear fuel is uranium-235, which has large reserves. It is a highly efficient fuel. One ton of uranium-235 can produce electricity equivalent to 20,000 tons of coal or 30 million cubic meters of natural gas.

Fuel A fuel is any material that can be burned to convert part of the mass into heat energy.

There are many fuel materials in nature. Including minerals that can be burned to give heat. Such minerals are called “mineral fuel”

mineral fuel It is a natural mineral that is used to make fuel for energy sources, including coal, crude oil, natural gas, and nuclear fuel (uranium-235).

Nuclear fuel Nuclear fuel is a material that can be used as fuel in a nuclear reactor. Uranium-235 is commonly used as nuclear fuel.

Uranium in nature is not readily available as nuclear fuel in nuclear reactors. Several processes are required to obtain sufficient concentrations of uranium-235 to be used as a fuel.

nuclear fuel uranium

Uranium is the naturally occurring element with the largest atoms. Uranium Nucleus Composed of 92 protons and about 145 neutrons, uranium is classified as the heaviest naturally occurring element. (Hydrogen is the lightest element.) Uranium is 18.7 times denser than water. Uranium has many isotopes. Uranium found in nature will be a mixture Most of the two isotopes are uranium-238, about 99.3%, and uranium-235 (u – 235), about 0.7%. 

Uranium-238 and Uranium-235 decay very slowly, with the half-life of Uranium-238 about 4.5 billion years and the half-life of Uranium-235 about 7.1 billion years, indicating that uranium elements are very weak, almost decaying. It is not radioactive at all.

Kazakhstan is the world’s largest uranium-producing country. followed by Canada and Australia. Uranium is only sold to countries that have signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. These countries must allow international inspections. To verify that uranium is being used only for peaceful purposes.

Characteristics of nuclear fuel

Nuclear fuel (uranium-235) is made into cylindrical pellets. Because these fuel pellets must be placed in a metal tube to prevent radiation from leaking out.

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