What to know about big-truck accidents?

Accidents are very common now. We are all aware that the accident ratio is increasing daily, which is not good. Accidents can cause devastating injuries, or sometimes accidents can take your life too. Where car accident ratio is rising rapidly, on the other side, big truck crashes are also getting common now. According to surveys, there were 9,373 crashes took place due to big trucks. 

The truck drivers are usually in a hurry because the owners of the truck companies want to get bigger profits through quick delivery. For that, they put pressure on the truck driver, which is the main reason for truck crashes. This pressure can make the driver tired, and the driver is not able to focus on the road.

If you ever find yourself in a truck accident in which you are hit by a truck because of the truck driver’s carelessness, you should seek compensation. A Chicago Car Accident Attorney is needed in this situation, as they can assist you in recovering the full amount of damages.

What are the reasons for truck accidents?

Accidents are unpredictable, but you can’t deny that 94% of accidents are caused by human error. Here we discussed some major causes of truck accidents.

Driver fatigue.

Driver fatigue and execution lead to truck accidents. Truck drivers usually suffer from tiredness due to their long hours of driving. They fall asleep behind the wheel sometimes. And they don’t get proper rest time because the truck companies pressure the driver to deliver the goods as soon as possible. It makes them depressed because if they cannot provide the order before the time, they will be fired from the companies. That practice is dangerous for the truck driver and those on the road.

Distracted driving.

Truck drivers are frequently distracted because they are doing risky things to pass the time when driving long distances. Drivers who take their hands off the wheel to eat, adjust the radio, talk on their smartphone, or for any other reason are not in control of their vehicle. That’s the reason which causes the dangerous accident on the road.

Drunk driving.

Drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs is likely to experience a deadly accident. A drunk driver is dangerous to the people on the road. Drunk drivers run red lights, fail to react fast, speed, drive recklessly, and operate their trucks in destructive ways that could kill or hurt everyone in their path. There is no justification for drunk driving because driving under the influence can destroy someone’s life.

Overloaded trucks.

Many trucking companies and drivers attempt to load their cars over the truck’s maximum payload capacity. Overloading is frequently motivated by a desire to make more money. However, profit cannot come at the expense of the safety of other drivers and passengers. Overloaded trucks are hazardous since they are more difficult to handle due to their weight and obstructing a driver’s vision. Overloaded trucks can spill cargo, resulting in multi-vehicle crashes and accidents.

Dealing with trucking companies can be particularly difficult. The companies are frequently forced to deal with enormous insurance firms and multiple lawyers representing the insurance company and the trucking company. They’re usually only concerned with one thing paying you the least amount of money possible for your injury. In that situation, you should hire a professional Car Accident Attorney Chicago who knows how to get the right compensation for your loss.

Poor maintenance and inspection.

The government should inspect the trucks regularly and any defects or problems improved before being put back on the road. When a truck’s brakes fail despite the driver’s best efforts and strict adherence to the regulations of the road, what should the driver do? In an accident, who will bear the responsibility for setting things in motion? The trucking company’s responsibility is to keep their vehicles in top condition and guarantee they are ready for any journey.

Inadequate driver.

Driving a truck is not the same as driving a car. Before operating the vehicle, large truck drivers must obtain a commercial driver’s license. The trucking companies that employ them should educate all truck drivers on all aspects of truck driving, including the road rules, how to safely operate the truck, and what to do in an emergency. But the truck companies, before hiring the driver, are not paying attention to their driving, which will become the reason for dangerous accidents.



Truck accidents are more critical than car accidents. However, you try to drive safely and follow all the traffic rules, but you can become the target of a truck accident due to the driver’s negligence. In that case, you can claim for your losses. The Car Accident Lawyer Chicago has a track record of helping truck accident victims. The lawyer will help you recover good and sufficient compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial damages resulting from the truck accident.

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