What You Should Know About Car Accident Compensation

When considering compensation for a motor vehicle accident, it is important to understand the amount of money you are liable to receive. You should also consider non-economic damages, which are those caused by human losses, pain, and suffering, and the effects of the accident on your life. It is best to discuss these issues with an experienced car accident lawyer to find out how much money you can expect to receive. You should also be aware that your pain and suffering damages may be limited, depending on the type of insurance coverage the defendant carries.

Wrongful Death Car Crashes Rise During COVID

If the number of deaths from COVID19 is a factor in vehicle accidents, then the first quarter of 2020 was particularly dangerous for drivers. According to the National Safety Council, commuter fatalities increased by 14% across the nation. Telecommuting is another factor. While commuter fatalities decreased overall in March, the number of deaths per mile increased by 18.6%. This may be because of an increase in speeding and unsafe driving.

Several factors may be at play here. The stress from the pandemic could be to blame, as well as the financial and psychological problems of drivers. The National Safety Council said that American drivers were releasing their emotions on the wide-open highways, such as loneliness and depression. However, it said that despite the increased number of fatal crashes, traffic fatalities would decrease by 2021.

What Experts Think About Wrongful Death Crashes?

Wrongful death lawsuits can be filed if the deceased person was in a paid conveyance or a negligent vehicle. Although it is difficult to prove who is at fault in these accidents, it is possible to file a claim on behalf of the decedent’s surviving family. The process of filing a wrongful death lawsuit is not much different to personal injury lawsuits, except that there is no death involved.

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In the first few months of the 2020 calendar year, we saw a sharp increase in wrongful death claims. In addition, the Federal Highway Administration reported an increase in per-vehicle miles-traveled in the first half of 2021 – an increase of 173 billion miles or 13%. Drivers are now more likely to get into accidents, which means there is a greater possibility of wrongful deaths. Furthermore, these crashes often result from a drunk driver.

Unsafe Driving and Increased Vehicle Speeds?

Studies have shown that 26 percent of traffic fatalities involve drivers exceeding the posted speed limit. Drivers traveling at high speeds face greater risks of crashes because their vehicles are not designed to handle high-crash energies. Additionally, seat belts and airbags do not protect the occupants as well at high speeds. In addition, higher-profile vehicles have longer stopping distances, which increases the risk of rollovers.

According to the NHTSA, vehicle speeds will rise by 22 percent by 2020 in some U.S. metropolitan areas. While these numbers are alarming to some, they can actually help in informing people about how slowing down can help avoid accidents. The rise in vehicle fatalities is also attributed to the lack of seat belt use. Seat belt safety is an extremely important precaution, but many drivers do not use them correctly. By buckling up, passengers remain inside their vehicle and are less likely to be ejected. Ejection from a vehicle is often fatal or results in severe injuries.

Motorcycle Accident Victims Up?

When determining a motorcycle accident victim’s compensation, it’s important to remember that each case is different. In some cases, the accident may be a fender bender, resulting in the other party’s insurance company refusing to pay the full amount due to the motorcycle rider. When pursuing a case against an insurance company, motorcycle accident victims should consult an experienced Staten Island motorcycle accident attorney to determine their legal options.

Immediately after a motorcycle accident, it’s vital to obtain medical attention and assess the extent of your injuries. If you’re not in a serious condition, call 911 and wait for emergency crews to arrive. Once you’ve been treated, take pictures and documents of the crash site. If possible, gather the contact information of all parties involved, including witnesses. When you’ve received medical care, seek legal representation immediately.

Dynamics & Car Accident Facts

Approximately six million motor vehicle accidents take place in the United States every year? Although many of these incidents are “fender benders,” most cause extensive damage, injuries, and even death. Understanding what causes the majority of these accidents will help you become a better driver and stay safe on the road. Below are some crash dynamics and car accident facts that you should know. Know the basic principles of collisions and be a safer driver.

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