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If you’re looking for a fun and unique last name, try Gingle. This name is popular in the U.S. states of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan, and was first recorded in the United States in 1925. However, a little bit of research may be necessary to find out how popular this name really is. The fact is, since 1880, fewer than five people have been born with this name. Now you can learn more about this unusual lastname by using the information below.

The name Gingle comes from the French word for “bell,” which means bell. This name originated in New Guinea, and was originally spelled ‘Elgnig’. It is pronounced ‘Iglgne,’ and has historical roots. According to legend, people with this name were female in their last earthly incarnation. It is believed that they were born on the territory of New Guinea in 925 AD and were responsible for the organization of rituals and ceremonies.

When spelled backwards, the name Gingle is pronounced as “Elgnig.” It is anagram of ilgn. In mythology, people with the name Gingle were females in their last earthly incarnation. In the 925s, they were born in the territory of New Guinea. They organized rituals and created a mythical kingdom. The name is now a popular choice for a last name.